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    Complex strategies forged into a simple algorithm

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    creating additional income.

    Three philosophies we live by


    Consistency is the key to growth. The Algo's strategy is to build up the portfolio slowly through several well educated trades each month.


    The strategies built in the Algo awaits all the criteria required before entering a trade. Risk is managed by taking out the human factor and relying on sophisticated methods for every trade.


    Success does not happen overnight.

    The Algo does not rush into trades nor does it over-trade, abiding by the rules of consistency and rational.


    How It Works


    Track Record

    If you like how the algorithm is performing each month, then follow directions on step 2!


    Create & Sign

    Create and fund your trading account with Royal Financials.

    Moreover, Sign the broker's "Limited Power of Attorney" contract which allows your account to be managed by our fund.


    Monitor Trading

    Our algorithm will commence trading. Sit back and relax!.


    Get Paid

    At the end of each month, profits will be sent to your trading account.